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सत्वेषु मैत्री गुणिषु प्रमोदं
क्लिष्टेषु जीवेषु कृपा परत्वं |
मध्यस्थ भावं विपरीत वृत्तो
सदा ममात्मा विदधातु देव ||

Satveshu Maitri Gunishu Pramodam
Klishteshu Jeeveshu Kripa Paratvam
Madhyastha Bhavam Viparita Vritow
Sada Mamatma Vidadhatu Deva

May my soul always find fulfillment
In friendship towards all beings,
In reverence to all the virtuous,
In compassion towards all suffering creatures,
And in remaining neutral towards those hostile to me. This is my prayer.

Welcome to Karuna International

Karuna International is a registered nonprofit service organization working to inculcate and develop humane values in young students through Karuna Clubs in schools and colleges for the past seventeen years. The sole objective of Karuna International is to awaken in children and young adults the inherent love, kindness and compassion towards all living beings, plants, animals and fellow human beings; as well as to appreciate and help in their own way to conserve our environment, as enshrined in article 51 A (g) of our Constitution.

Why should we start Karuna Clubs?

School is a compact campus with a vision for tomorrow. Yes! If we want to produce good citizens, every child must be properly moulded with moral values and the significance of Karuna, so as to emerge as a good individual. Therefore for imparting character - building education, the importance of Karuna plays a vital role. At an young age, children must be encouraged to feel love, kindness and affection towards all creatures, so that these qualities strongly register in their minds. An ordinary doctor will become extraordinary only if he/she practices his/her profession with Karuna. This is true for other professions also. Thus the main objective of the Karuna club is to make the future generation responsible, productive citizens who will prove to be useful assets for their nation.

It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life and TO HAVE COMPASSION FOR LIVING CREATURES.
Article 51A (g) of Constitution of India

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