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सत्वेषु मैत्री गुणिषु प्रमोदं
क्लिष्टेषु जीवेषु कृपा परत्वं |
मध्यस्थ भावं विपरीत वृत्तो
सदा ममात्मा विदधातु देव ||

Satveshu Maitri Gunishu Pramodam
Klishteshu Jeeveshu Kripa Paratvam
Madhyastha Bhavam Viparita Vritow
Sada Mamatma Vidadhatu Deva

May my soul always find fulfillment
In friendship towards all beings,
In reverence to all the virtuous,
In compassion towards all suffering creatures,
And in remaining neutral towards those hostile to me. This is my prayer.

Drawing Competition to promote Vegetarianism

Drawing Competition to promote Vegetarianism.


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