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The concept of the Karuna Club germinated at a meeting of the International Vegetarian Union at Chennai in 1995 when Shri Surendra Mehta, the President of the organization expressed his concern over the increasing fetish for non vegetarianism in children and young adults. His statement triggered a discussion amongst all present. Shri Dulichand Jain was the Convenor of this meeting of the International Vegetarian Union, he was determined to do something about this. He spoke to a number of educationists as the idea was to Catch Them Young if we want a change. Thus began our arduous journey on 1 April 1995 with just 3 Karuna clubs in schools in Chennai.

We visited schools, met Principals and Teachers, discussed with several educationists and detailed out a 14 point Programme to be followed in Karuna clubs. Teachers were unanimously of the opinion that the inculcation of values can be achieved not by mere speeches but through activity oriented programmes where children will be involved with interest and enthusiasm.

Everywhere we went, Principals were in doubt, how can we do all this when we have to race against time to complete our syllabus? We have to place on record that the untiring efforts of like minded people, Shri Suresh Kanakriya, Prof. Gopalakrishnan, Shri Sajjanraj Surana, Dr. Badresh Jain, which  went a long way in establishing the Karuna Clubs in schools, first in Chennai then in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. 1996 had 17 clubs in schools, and in 1997 we had over a 100 Karuna Clubs.

We have had the support of great activists like Mrs.  Menaka Gandhi, Dr. Nemichand Jain who gave their invaluable time to go through our plans, she suggested that we make our Karuna Clubs programmes, activity oriented and child friendly. We thus came up with our 18 point Activities.

Today, after 20 years, in order to motivate the schools to organize effective Karuna Clubs, several Kendras (Centres) are working with co-ordination and team spirit. At present 39 Kendras are functioning in 12 states of India. More than 800 activists are working to motivate students and organize Karuna Club Programmes in around 2250 institutions (Schools and colleges). Every academic year, we see an increase in the number of Karuna Clubs in all the states.

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