Poojya  Shree  Acharya  Chitrabhanu  is  the Founder    of  Jain  Meditation  International  Centre,  NewYork.  He is not only a master lecturer, but also a spiritual teacher to millions of seekers of truth and realization.  With his wisdom, lucid language and eloquent speech, he has won the hearts of millions in India and abroad.

He is a world-renowned author of over twenty-five books  which  reflect  his  philosophy  and  his  message  of world peace and non-violence and they stress the need to appreciate the sanctity of all life and to build solidarity in the larger family of mankind.

In "The Sacred Stream of Amity" he has elucidated the Karuna Prayer, explaining the four values of Amity, Appreciation, Compassion and Equanimity so relevant to the holistic  development  of an individual. - Editor)

To day life values are degrading. Man has become highly self-centered and greedy. The problems faced by humanity are inequality, improper distribution of natural resources, racial discrimination, economic hardships faced by a large population and the hazards of religious and cultural fundamentalism. These can be solved by understanding the true aim of life which is to develop values and not merely enjoyment of more and more material and sensual objects.

You hear some bad news. Immediately your heart pounds, your breath tightens, your face frowns. You hear some good news. Your heart jumps, your face is all smiles. In both cases, your thoughts swirl and you lose your centre. You see something disgusting, you feel pain, you notice a horrible thought, or you see your favourite, delectable treat, and you lose your centre, inwardly rushing toward or fleeing from what you have encountered. All this describes our ordinary mode of pre-programmed, automated, conditioned, and contingent living.

What is Vegetarianism?
Vegetarianism is nothing but a food habit.  It can be practised by anyone without any barrier - belonging to any caste or creed.  It is simply by eating the greens, vegetables, fleshy fruits and dry fruits. 

Even from the beginning of civilization, animals  have contributed much for the well-being of the human beings.  We, human beings utilized the services of animals for various purposes.  We used the animals to get milk, meat, wool, eggs, leather entertainments, sports, experimentation, security, for producing bio-gas from their faecal matter.

For the survival of human beings on earth, it is quite essential that the animals must co-exist with them.  Every creature on earth has a definite role to play.  So, for the welfare of the human beings, animal welfare practices are very important.

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