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10 April Prevent Cruelty to Animals Day
5 th June Environment Day
July Inauguration of New Karuna Clubs
28 July Nature Conservation Day
August Vana Mahotsava (Forest Festival)
15th August Cultural Programme on Karuna Values
27th August Compassion Day
20th September National Environment Day
2nd October Gandhi Jayanthi (Ahimsa Day)
3rd October Observation of Wild Life Day
4th October World Animal Day
6th October World Vegetarian Day
15th October World Animals Rights Day
15th November Animal Rights Day
3rd December World Handicapped Day
January Anniversary of School Karuna Club
14th - 30th January  Animal Welfare Fortnight
March / April Mahaveer Jayanthi


  1. Karuna Week should be celebrated between 2nd and 9th October
  2. If the Festival day happens to be a holiday, it can be celebrated on the previous or the next working day.

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