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Karuna Club Activities

Karuna Clubs are requested to take up a minimum of Eight activities in a year and send us reports regularly. The reports will be published in the Newsletter and will be considered for evaluation for Annual awards.

  1. Celebrating Animal Welfare Week by conducting awareness rallies on animal and human welfare, printing pamphlets, enacting dramas, conducting competitions etc.
  2. Feeding of animals.
  3. Keeping the environment clean and green-cleaning the school campus etc.
  4. Adopting and observing a tree in the school campus or from nearby areas.
  5. Celebrating Vanamahotsava day by Planting Sapling / Growing plants in Coconut shells /watching germination in the pots / Watering plants in the garden.
  6. Enacting animal stories like Panchathantra Stories, compassion stories, Jataka tales etc. using animal masks, role play and mono acting.
  7. Preparing an album of domestic animals, wild animals, endangered animals including their feeding habits.
  8. Projects on endangered species.
  9. Visiting a zoological park / bird sanctuary.
  10. Visiting an Old Age Home / Home for the handicapped / and sharing, caring, helping the blind by being readers/scribes.
  11. Visiting Goshalas & Pinjarapoles, Blue Cross, SPCA, PFA etc. and collecting information about animal welfare activities.
  12. Paper folding – animal shapes. (Origami)
  13. Display of charts on nutritional values of vegetarian diet.
  14. Preparing a First –Aid Kit for animals /human beings.
  15. Making animal homes (natural habitats) like nest, burrows, caves etc.
  16. Making a model Bio-gas plant.
  17. Making paper bags and distributing them.
  18. Collecting a handful of rice of any particular day in a week and giving to orphanage or animal shelter.

This list is by no means exhaustive. It is only a guideline for the teachers. Any other activity according to the convenience of the school can also be undertaken.

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