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Karuna Club Programmes

The Karuna Club shall conduct at least 6 programmes in a year. The theme for all the programmes of the Karuna Club should be:

  • Compassion
  • Non-violence (Ahimsa)
  • Humane values
  • Animal welfare
  • Prevention of cruelty
  • Environmental values
  • Vegetarian diet and its nutritional values.
  1. Monthly/Bi-Monthly meeting on the above themes
  2. Competitions (a) Drawing & Painting, (b)Elocution, (c)Essay Writing, (d)Quiz Programme and (e) Storytelling, etc.
  3. Inter School Competitions of the same kind.
  4. Film shows, video cassettes, CDs depicting animal welfare, prevention of cruelty to animals and vegetarian way of life.
  5. Annual Exhibition of charts and photos on the evil effects of slaughter houses and on merits of healthy and nutritious diet.
  6. Karuna International can help to organize such exhibitions by providing exhibition material.
  7. Lectures, group discussion and quiz programmes on vegetarianism and nutritional diet.
  8. Organizing picnics with a variety of vegetarian food brought by students and distributing to all students.
  9. Monthly hand written wall magazines by students; contributing letters and articles to Newspapers and Magazines.
  10. Lectures by eminent speakers.
  11. Organizing of workshops, seminars etc. for Teachers and Students.
  12. Distribution of literature on Jeeva-Daya (compassion to all living beings) and vegetarianism to the public for awareness (in local languages)Organizing ralliesin the school area or town with banners and flags to promote our objectives. Introducing books and periodicals on the above topic in the school / college library.
  13. Members can take part in the activities of other organizations with similar objectives.
  14. Karuna International Kendras will periodically organize Inter-Club Quiz Contests. Ex-Tempore Competition, Drawing and Painting Competitions, Debates, Essay Competition etc. and shall monitor the performance of all the Karuna Clubs and accordingly award prizes and certificates to the best performing Karuna Clubs.

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