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Duties of Karuna Club Members

  1. Members are to develop qualities of love, non-violence, compassion, humanism, peaceful co-existence, friendship with nature and understand the need for freedom of all living creatures.
  2. They must save some food from their meals and feed cows, dogs, cats, crows, sparrows, goats etc. in their neighbourhood everyday.
  3. If an animal is in a helpless and pitiable condition or is wounded, they should send that animal immediately to the veterinary hospital with the help of an adult person.
  4. Every member should plant a new sapling/tree every year on some special occasion like his birthday, birth of a brother, sister, close relative etc. and look after it.
  5. He must also be vigilant enough to protect the Environment and save it from pollution of any kind.
  6. He must thriftily use and consume Natural Resources like water, trees, power, forest products and assist in their rational management. The garbage must be separated into degradable and non-degradable.
  7. He must avoid the use of animal products got out of cruelty and killing; use man made or artificial alternatives.
  8. He must learn the merits of a vegetarian way of life; follow and propagate it amongst friends, students and members of the locality. A vegetarian diet means diet from vegetation and dairy products obtained without any cruelty to creatures.
  9. He should actively take part in all activities conducted by the Karuna Club.

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