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Karuna Pledge

  • I believe Compassion towards all living beings is our rich cultural heritage.
  • I believe every living creature desires to live just as we do. I shall follow the principle of Live and Let Live.
  • I shall support every activity of human and animal welfare.
  • I shall adopt a vegetarian way of life.
  • I know animals cannot speak and therefore I shall be more careful to be kind to them and prevent ill treatment to them.
  • I shall not use any product got out of cruelty to animals.
  • I shall show reverence to my teachers and elders; serve them with love and respect.
  • I will plant a sapling and take care of its growth. I shall protect nature and my environment.
  • I will always serve with a smile; I shall be tolerant and friendly with all.
  • I as a member of Karuna Club shall adopt a Karuna way of life and inspire my friends to do the same.


I think one of the best words in the English language is compassion.
I think it holds everything.
It holds love, it holds care... and if everybodyjust did something.
We all make a difference. - Michael Crawford

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“Munoth Centre”  II Floor,
# 343, Triplicane High Road
Chennai, Tamilnadu 600 005, India.
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +91-44-2859 1714, +91-44-2859 1724

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