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Procedure And Guidelines For The Karuna Club

  1. All educational institutions are requested to form and establish Karuna Clubs preferably before the month of July every year.
  2. In the formation of Karuna Clubs, the Principal / Head of the institution is the Patron of the Club and Teacher-in charge nominated by him will be Vice-Patron of the club.
  3. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and 6 Committee members are elected amongst the students. Two or more enthusiastic staff members may be kept as advisers.
  4. There should be 75 members in one club. Students should be from classes I to XII.
  5. If large numbers of students join as members of the Club, they may be divided into groups and they can be identified by giving their own name and insignia (e.g. Elephant, Horse, Peacock, Deer etc.,) for the sake of competition amongst themselves.
  6. All clubs may involve 2 to 3 eminent local citizens, social workers and environmentalists as advisers.
  7. Whenever a Karuna Club is started, the Convener of the Club is required to intimate the date and time to Karuna International, and the Kendra for record purposes. They will help and guide the activities of the Club whenever necessary; send Karuna literature and publications.
  8. The ownership and the administrative control of the club will be solely with the respective schools and colleges.
  9. An inaugural function must be organized at the start of every academic year in which eminent citizens, educationists, advocates, doctors and businessmen can be invited. A representative of Karuna International or the Principal / Teacher-in-charge will administer the Karuna Pledge to all
    members of the Club, which should be circulated to them in writing in advance.
  10. A few members of the school management committee are requested to be present at the meeting. Parents may also be invited to participate in this function.

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