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Guidelines for Karuna Kendras

Karuna International is a registered nonprofit service organization working to inculcate and develop humane values in young students through Karuna Clubs in schools and colleges for the past seventeen years. The sole objective of Karuna International is to awaken in children and young adults the inherent love, kindness, compassion towards all living beings, plants, animals and fellow human beings; as well as appreciate and help in their own way to conserve our environment, as enshrined in article 51 A (g)of our Constitution. In order to motivate the schools to organize effective Karuna Clubs, several Karuna Kendras (Centres) are working with co-ordination and team spirit.

We request the members to read the guidelines carefully and abide by the rules and regulations put forth by Karuna International:
  • It is imperative that we start Karuna Kendras in every town, district and state to achieve our objective of inculcating humane values in children. 
  • A Kendra needs to be set up wherever there are 10 schools with active Karuna Clubs. Any number of persons can become a member of the Kendra. 
  • Every Kendra should get itself affiliated with Karuna International immediately after formation (Format of Registration Form is enclosed, fill up and send us on or before 10.08.2013). The Annual registration fee is Rs.200/- for a Kendra. 
  • The Election of the Office Bearers of the Kendra will be conducted by the local members only. The Elected Officer Bearers (seven to eleven in number) together will comprise the Executive Committee of the Kendra. The details of the Office Bearers must be sent to the KI head office. The office bearers will be elected every two years. 
  • The Executive Committee will prepare rules and regulations to run the Kendra in accordance with the constitution and objectives of Karuna International. The rules and regulations made by the Kendra must be approved by Karuna International. 
  • Every Kendra, must print the Logo of Karuna International on their letter pads, stationery and all literature published by them. Affiliation to Karuna International, Chennai must be indicated. 
  • The Kendra will be self-supporting and financially independent. A bank account in the name of Karuna International…………… Kendra has to be opened and this will be operated by two signatories ( any 2 executive committee members ) 
  • The Kendra is advised to maintain a documented record of all transactions. Receipts must be issued for all donations made in cheques. There should be no dealings in cash for any amount more than Rs. 200. 
  • Every Kendra, will collect a fee as per the amount fixed for different types of memberships in their Executive Committee, from its members. The model fee suggested by us is given below for your information and guidance only.
       • Annual Membership Fee: Rs.500/-
       • Life Membership Fee: Rs.5000/-
       • Donor Membership Fee: Rs.11,000/-
  • The Kendra can enroll Patron Members, on behalf of Karuna International on the payment of Rs.25,000/- by each such member. Rs.2,500/- will be retained by the Kendra towards life membership of that member and the balance of Rs.22,500/- should be remitted to Karuna International. Such a member becomes a Patron Member of Karuna International, he is deemed to be a Life Member of the Kendra too. 
  • The Kendra can also enroll Life Members on behalf of Karuna International on the payment of Rupees 11,000/- by each member. 10 % of the amount will be retained by the Kendra towards Life Membership of that member and the balance should be remitted to Karuna International. Such a member will be entitled to become a Life Member of Karuna International and a Life member of the Kendra too. 
  • Every Kendra will nominate two members to the General Body of Karuna International. 
  • The Executive Committee of every Kendra will convene every month to discuss their past, present and future activities. 
  • Every Kendra will organize an Annual General Body meeting of their members where annual accounts for the previous year will be discussed and the budget for the coming year will be approved. 


Duties and Responsibilities of the Kendra:
  • To contact all schools of the area and start Karuna Clubs therein. 
  • To organize and encourage Inter-School Competitions and offer suitable awards and prizes to outstanding students and schools. 
  • To organize and encourage schools to conduct Workshops, Training Programmes on Humane Education, Seminars and Meetings of teachers and activists. 
  • To assists and arrange Speakers and Chief Guests for school functions. 
  • To conduct fellowship programmes along with the training programmes. 
  • To review the activities of the Karuna Clubs of the area regularly and participate in their Karuna Club programmes. 
  • To print literature in various languages and distribute them to schools in particular. 
  • To distribute literature on Karuna and Vegetarianism. 
  • To organize an Annual Convention of all Karuna Clubs of their area and to present awards and prizes to schools. 
  • To raise and collect funds for running the activities of the Kendra and for the distribution of prizes, shields etc. 
  • To send quarterly reports of the Kendra and other reports of the Karuna Club activities to the head office of Karuna International.

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“Munoth Centre”  II Floor,
# 343, Triplicane High Road
Chennai, Tamilnadu 600 005, India.
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Phone: +91-44-2859 1714, +91-44-2859 1724

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