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  Karuna Clubs: A Universal Movement


This booklet contains very useful information for organizing Karuna Club Programmes, activities. The article written by Sri Acharya Chitrabhanuji is excellent and is based on Karuna and humane values. It is available in Hindi also.

Stories of Compassion-Book I, Book II and Book III

The Divine Life Society of South Africa has published four big volumes about compassion. These books contain excellent and inspiring animal stories in them. The books are well appreciated by principals and teachers of many schools. We have selected some stories from those 4 books and published them in these small books. The main purpose of these books is to inculcate reverence for life and love and compassion for all living creatures in the hearts of all. They are available in Hindi also.

Humane Value: Karuna Book One 
Human Values - Book OneThis book is one among the 12 books we propose to publish for the students. This is a text book and many schools have prescribed this as a non-detailed text. This book contains and interesting collection of stories, puzzles and role plays drawn from the day–to–day activities of children at home and at school and will serve to promote independent thinking, ethical attitudes and reverence for all living beings and environment. In today’s materialistic and self-centered environment, this book will help to inculcate the much–needed kindness and compassion towards human being and animals as well respect for the environment.
Karuna International Newsletter
This is a monthly magazine published by Karuna International bi-langually in English and Hindi. It contains reports of Teachers & Students Training Programmes on Humane Education, various Karuna Club activities conducted by the schools and colleges in their Karuna Clubs. This magazine is circulated free of cost of schools and colleges, committee members and to those organizations which are interested in Humane and Animal Welfare.
Thirukkural (In Tamil, English & Hindi)


This booklet contains 2 Chapters and 20 “Kurals”. The chapter XXVI contains the evil effects of eating meat. The other chapter XXXVI emphasizes the significance of non-killing of all living creatures.

Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian Choose Yourself


This booklet by Sri Gopinath Agarwal, published by us explains the nutritional values of vegetarian diet. It explains as how the human body is constituted to consume only vegetarian food. It expresses the evil effects of non-vegetarian diet. Many dreadful diseases such as cancer, cardio-vascular diseases like coronary –thrombosis, artherosclerosis are caused due to the consumption of non-vegetarian diet. The book tells us about the great men, past and present who adopted vegetarianism. It is available in Hindi too.

Health and Diet

Health & Diet


This is a fine book written by Dr. Kalyan Gangwal. The author explains the nutritive values of a vegetarian diet. He says that by consuming a vegetarian diet we can get rid of disastrous diseases like cancer, cardio-vascular diseases etc. It is available in Hindi also.





This is a book written by Sri R. N. Lakhotia. It clearly points out the benefits of a vegetarian diet from the point of view of nutrition, health, happiness, economy, environment, prevention of dreadful diseases.

100 facts about eggs



This booklet is written by our popular writer Dr. Nemichand Jain. It is appreciated both by Indians and people from abroad. It insists that egg is not at all a vegetarian diet. This is proved clearly by scientific facts.

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