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The Humane Education Programme - Topics

Values of Education

  1. Value Education.
  2. Motivation of Children for Moral Values.
  3. Compassion Stories from Epics & Puranas.
  4. Animal Welfare theme in School Curriculum.
  5. Violence free Science (Virtual dissection)

Kindness & Compassion

  1. Kindness & Compassion to animals.
  2. How to prevent Cruelty to animals
  3. How to inculcate Compassion in students.
  4. Beauty without Cruelty.
  5. Compassionate living
  6. Inter-Faith dialogue on "KARUNA".

Animal Welfare

  1. Role of Animals in Environment.
  2. Conservation of Wildlife, Animals in Zoos etc.
  3. Common Cruelties perpetrated to animals (both large & small).
  4. III effects of leather and advantages of non-leather products.
  5. The avoidance of animal products
  6. Visit to Goshalas, Pinjarapoles, Animal Sanctuaries and Animal Shelters.

Environmental Friendliness

  1. Global Warning – threats and solutions.
  2. Air and Water Pollution.
  3. Environmental Awareness and Protection.
  4. Maintaining Ecological Balance – Eco – friendliness.


  1. Nutritional diet and Vegetarianism
  2. Scientific facts about Vegetarianism.
  3. III effects of meat consumption.
  4. Recent medical breakthroughs associated with Vegetarian diet.
  5. Vegetarian way of life.

Harmonious Living

  1. Living in Harmony with Nature.
  2. World Peace through non-violence.
  3. Say no to plastics.
  4. The Spoilage of Environment by tanneries and leather industries.,

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