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Training Programmes on "Humane Education"

On behalf of the Animal Welfare Board of India, we sponsor “Humane Education Training Programmes for Teachers and Students”.

The objective of the programme is to spread the message of “compassion in action towards all living beings”. Teachers are the most suitable persons who are able to reach the children easily and inculcate the values of love and kindness towards all living beings in the minds of them. These values when inculcated in the minds of the children will help to develop a society of human beings with love and compassion even at the later part of life.


Inter-School Teachers Training Programmes

    • The programme must be conducted for one full day in any month and on any day chosen by the school. 
    • There can be 40 to 50 teachers for one programme. An ideal mix will be to draw teachers from Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary level. 
    • The schools can invite nearby Karuna Club schools from their area. They can also invite new schools from their neighbourhood who have no Karuna Clubs at present. Each school may be requested to depute 2 to 4 teachers to attend the program. 
    • Audio Visual Aids: Power Point Presentation, Charts, Exhibits, Films can be used to make the training programme more interesting, fruitful and effective.
      Each Programme must be conducted between 10.00 a.m to 04.00 p.m (for 6 hours) every day. They should have 6 modules of 45 minutes each. 
    • The programme will include Lectures, Demonstrations, Group discussion, Quiz, Question & Answer Session, Brain-Storming Session, Field Trips, Project/Assignment, Exhibition and video show etc., 
    • The theme for the programme will be on a) Value Education, b)Compassion & Kindness to animals, c) Prevention of Cruelty to animals, d) Living in Harmony with nature, e) Maintaining ecological balance, f) Vegetarianism. 
    • The resource persons can be arranged by the school or from outside. Experts can be invited from any Government and Social Service Organizations. Karuna International will also help schools in fixing resource persons. 
    • Karuna International will offer some instructional materials such as C.Ds and books for conducting this programme. 
    • Our Educational Officer, will help you in planning and executing the whole programme. 
    • All expenses up to ₹.5,000/- per programme including Tea, Lunch and Snacks to Teachers, supply of folders, pens, notepads and photos of the programme will be covered from this amount sponsored by Karuna International. Other expenses will be borne by the respective school. 
  • A certificate will be given to each trainee teacher. The bills of expenditure will be cleared after getting the report, photos and the details of the expenditure incurred by the school.


Inter-School Students Training Programme on Humane Education

  • As sum of ₹.3000/- for one full day programme from 10.00 a.m to 04.00 p.m Students of 8 schools should be invited to join this programme. The rules and regulations for the programme will
    be the same as mentioned above.


Inter-School Competitions on Humane Education

  • A sum of ₹.3,000/- will be given for the Inter-School Competitions with a minimum participation of 8 schools. Schools which want to conduct such Programmes should send details of proposed competitions for our approval.


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